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"Kathleen is a true professional and brings out the beautiful woman in you. She makes you feel sexy with her style of lashes  selected just for you."


"Kathleen is awesome, she really listens to your needs and looks at the whole picture, your face, eye shape, budget and lifestyle. I started out with thin, sparse, broken lashes, and after lash treatment and lashes with the proper weight and curl, I now have gorgeous, long pretty lashes! Kathleen is truly an artist.  I get so many compliments and I refer all of my friends to Kathleen!"

~Lianne Poppinga, Health &Wellness Entrepreneur

"I was hesitant to try lash extensions again. My first experience with extensions resulted in a loss of all of my natural lashes and they never grew back the same. Kathleen is honest and meticulous about applying just the right extensions for your lashes and your lifestyle. I LOVE my lash extensions... I honestly can't feel them and my natural lashes are protected."

~Brenda Esteban, Nurse

"I never thought I'd want to pay for lashes, but I love them!  Kathleen explains everything so clearly. My lashes look fuller and give my eyes that "pop" we all want. Most of all, it takes so much less time to get ready and my lashes aren't getting pulled off by a curler. Thank you for creating a new me!"

~Lauren Barnhill, Psychologist

"I am in love with my lashes!! You are the best!!! Thank you so much!" 


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